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The most effective collaboration happens when your (organization's) needs and my talents are a good fit. Below you will find a variety of services I provide, any combination is possible. I work globally and often with one or more colleagues depending upon the scope and size of the project. All work is custom designed in collaboration with the client. 


I bring 20 years experience in the field of coaching executives. I am a sounding board for individuals who want to reflect upon their behavior as they are serving the organization they work for. Reflective conversations about attitudes and approaches towards the self, others and teams result in modified behaviors often with significant impact.

I work with executives from global companies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. 


Colleagues and I work with companies to develop their leadership talent. In collaboration with the client we develop custom tailored leadership development programs to suit your needs.


I have designed, staffed and directed scores of group relations conferences and experiences, experiential events that help participants learn about boundaries, authority, role and task. 


Custom trainings related to group dynamics, group facilitation, coaching, leadership, role analysis, personal and professional development are in my repertoire. 


Sometimes an organization or a team gets stuck and needs an outsider who is committed to understanding the underlying dynamic of the situation and offer advice how to get unstuck. 


Sometimes as individuals or as a team we need to take a step back and gain a different perspective. Sometimes this may happen by being silent, other times by having real conversations beyond the immediate task at hand. I am glad to design and hold space for such events. 


As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the State of California I have a part-time and somewhat exclusive psychotherapy practice.


If you would like to care for your team or people in your organization, consider asking me about individual energy clearing sessions. 

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