René Molenkamp is a reflective leadership practitioner.  He comes to this role through the intensive, experiential leadership development programs he designs and delivers primarily to international professionals from globally recognized organizations.  René focuses particularly on helping individuals and groups to explore the deeper dimensions of their own lived leadership practices, especially elements that are often unexamined and unconscious.  Through his own approach to such work, Metaphor and Meaning, emergent group dynamics and iconic individual patterns are revealed.  René then coaches to foster the conditions for reflection, offering profound insights on the learning that often have impact personally and professionally well beyond the experience.


In Europe, Dr. Molenkamp has been coach and consultant for the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland for more than a decade. He has directed outdoor education experiences, coordinated elements of the MBA program, and serves as core faculty for Mobilizing People, a leadership program for high potential international corporate executives.  René is also in regular rotation doing parallel work at Judge Business School at Cambridge University in the UK. In the United States, he is on the graduate faculty at the University of San Diego. There he teaches core professional practice courses for the Department of Leadership Studies and supervises beginning counselors for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.


René is a founding member and Executive Director of Group Relations International and Fellow of the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems.  He was Training Director and a Senior Fellow at the James MacGregor Burns academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, and served as first program director of the Howard Peters Rawlings Fellowship Program in Public Leadership. He was also on the faculty of the American University/National Training Laboratory master’s program. Through these and other organizations, René had directed scores of group relations conferences and related intensive leadership experiences in the United States and Europe.


René did undergraduate studies in economics and law in the Netherlands and in philosophy in Germany.  He received his Masters of Divinity degree of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley and his PhD in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland.  As former Jesuit priest and psychotherapist, he uses these previous professional roles to inform his work as an international leadership consultant and executive coach.


As a reflective leadership practitioner, René has begun writing a new series of essays on consciousness, the field, and emergent ways of knowing that borrow from a range of traditions.  Three of his co-authored essays, “BART: Boundary, Authority, Role, and Task in Organizational Analysis," "Beyond BART, Analysis at the Level of the Field" and “Tavistock Primer II” are used frequently in graduate programs on group behavior and leadership across the world.


René holds Dutch and American citizenship. He currently lives with his partner and two sons in San Diego.





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